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United States Minor Outlying Islands
"To me, beauty is the wonder of wonders. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible." Oscar Wilde, Dorian Grey

Very true...
Since I was 10 I have been photographing the visible, playing with the results in the dark room, amazed that you cannot only store but also change your memories... 25 years later, with the advance of image digital processing, my horizons expanded beyond event with digital darkroom possibilities... Now, 32 years later I present you the results of my journey...

I always go one step further, see what is underneath the surface of the visible, but never lose contact with reality, that is why I call myself a photopuritan, all my source material has to go through the lens, nothing is generated by is all pure manual photomontage, kind of remix or augmentation/alteration of the visible. In the creative process I take a photo (usually at long exposure - "light painting"), then in a kind of sequence of aftersights I add layer after layer after layer, similar to a composer adding instruments to an arrangement, following intuition, meditating ...witnessing with awe...
The magic of abstract art is that every time you look at it you find different atmosphere, associations, feelings...depending on how YOU are feeling at the moment, you can use it as a kind of mirror... „The way you interpret symbolic forms has nothing to do with the form itself . The interpretation is a symptom of your spiritual condition“ Joseph Campbell

Since 2008 I have had a couple of exhibitions in churches, galleries, tearooms... I decided to start posting my work here for you to be able to see, comment, get a print... I find it great that you can order a print on canvass... I have done some research and decided to put my work here on DV because they allow to upload really large files which gives you a chance to get amazing quality and resolution :-)...

Music: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Ayreon, Jaydee, meditation, new age music
Teachers: OSHO, Terrence Mckenna, Joseph Campbell
Artists: František Kupka, Alex Grey

Last year I went into animation, made an abstract film from my pictures, on 12/12/12 there is a premiere...
I am based in Prague, Europe

Let me know your associations, thank you
memebranes were born out of thousands of photomontage experiments I did in the digital darkroom since 2000, when I was looking for a means to transcend imitative photography and to grasp the ungraspable abstract images I knew were waiting inside me that I had to depict in order to redeem my soul...

I confined myself to three constraints:
puritan photomontage - nothing generated by computer, like e.g. fractals, everything you see went through the lens
abstract - not recognizable what was photographed, not to remind anything known from this world, at the same time I was guided to break on through to the other side through
the doors of photography
bilateral symmetry - not only being a kind of rorschachish/projective but also this symmetry seems to harmonize, maybe because it is a characteristic of animals who are capable of moving freely through their environments and who look for symmetry when choosing a mate and making decision whether is-it-prey-or-am-I-the-prey... in other words "If it is symmetrical, I have to be on guard" is deeply rooted in our brain.

All this was multiplied by movement, time and sound when I started animating them 2 years ago and discovered that they are actually turning into 3D entities and environments (usually both), with own will, fractaling, dancing, telling a story about the different stages of life, the universe and everything...

The name "memebranes" came to me when I was updating my education watching The Elegant Universe, a popular science show with breathtaking visuals depicting string, superstring and M-theory where I first understood what the branes are and it occurred to me that what I am doing is exactly this: depicting something that is invisible to the human eye by unfolding the implicate branes.
The "meme" notion was best described by Mr. Terrence McKenna in his "Opening the Doors of Creativity":
"...a meme is the smallest unit of meaning of an idea. Ideas are made of memes. And I think the art community might function with more efficiency in the production of visionary aesthetic breakthroughs if we would think of ourselves as an environment modeled after the natural environment, where we as artists are attempting to create memes which enter an environment of other memes that are in competition with each other, and out of this competition of memes, ever-more appropriate, adapted and suitable ideas can gather and link themselves together into higher and higher organisms."
I decided to start posting my work here for you to be able to see, comment, get a print... I find it great that you can order a print on canvas... I have done some research and chose DV because they allow upload of really large files which gives you a chance to get amazing quality and resolution :-)

The first is: Creation of the World memebrane by PLKopecky

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